Miyamoto International New Zealand

Miyamoto International New Zealand was formed in 2012 after the global earthquake + structural engineering company traveled to Christchurch in the wake of two large earthquakes that struck, causing widespread damage. The New Zealand owned and operated company provides an inclusive approach to seismic solutions by combining high-performance engineering with project and insurance management, as well as working with developers to implement commercial seismic risk reduction programs as a viable business model.


The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineers (NZSEE)
One of Miyamoto Impact’s seismic engineers Jitendra Bothara is part of a panel delivering an education and training programme for building officials and engineers around the country on the guidelines update of the “Initial Seismic Assessment of Buildings”.

The seminars run from 5 – 27 November 2013 around the country. Learn more about the programme here.


Our goal is to provide clients with resilient buildings that can resist earthquakes with minimal damage. Your building needs to withstand more than a single earthquake.

We provide building owners with multiple options allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

We are currently working with a client base that includes government, local authorities, private developers and not-for-profit organisations throughout New Zealand.


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